We are intending to bring you roughly the same number of layouts for this year's exhibition as in the last two years since we moved to the Leamington College venue, that is to say between 20 and 25.  David Piggott, our exhibition layout liaison manager has been hard at work visiting exhibitions across the country to being you our usual broad width of styles, scales, periods and locations. 

From our own club, this year we shall be featuring Kimble, our massive 40' x 16' O gauge layout which will be the centrepiece in the Sports Hall. 


The list announced so far are the following

  • 4mm OO9 gauge - Castle Works
  • 4mm OO9 gauge - Holbeach
  • 4mm OO9 gauge Ilfracombe East
  • 4mm OO9 gauge - Old Oak
  • 4mm OO gauge - Hogsmead for Sodor 
  • 2mm N gauge - Abbotsford
  • 2mm N gauge - Apa Park
  • 2mm N gauge - Barton Hill
  • 2mm N gauge - Bear Creek
  • 2mm Nm (metre) gauge - El Cremallera
  • 7mm O gauge - Aber Emlyn
  • 7mm O gauge - Kimble
  • 7mm O gauge - Newchapel Junction
  • 7mm O gauge - Wyken Yard
  • 7mm ON30 gauge - Chelma Canyon
  • 4mm OO gauge - Bishop's Quay
  • 4mm OO gauge - Brian Street
  • 4mm OO gauge - Readham
  • 4mm OO gauge - South Walton

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